Body Treatments & Massages

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Lymph drainage

5955 min
  • Improves lymph drainage.

Deep tissue

5955 min
  • Deep energizing massage for a firming effect.

Anti-stress massage

5955 min
  • Releases tension and relaxes both body and mind.

Massage with specific active ingredients

6555 min
  • This massage is performed with a serum rich in active ingredients, and treats a specific problem while offering you a ritual performed by expert hands. Stretch marks, lack of tone, oedema: for each problem we have a specific active ingredient.

Head-neck-back massage

4930 min
  • Releases and relaxes muscle tension in this delicate body area.

42-Movement Massage by Payot

4530 min
  • A unique massage, studied to treat your face, neck, upper chest, arms and hands and induce a detoxing, draining, toning and plumping effect. Payot’s balm with extract of rhodochrosite, a precious mineral, will deeply nourish and quench your skin.

Couple massage

12050 min
  • Service temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 pandemic.
    Enjoy a special moment that you can share with your loved one or with a friend. Two therapists will massage you in a multi-sensory room with two massage tables and background music: a true hideaway for a unique relaxing experience.

Thai massage

8090 min
  • A legendary massage. As you lie on a traditional futon mat, it will immerse you in an emotional experience coming to you from far away lands and will restore you to your full inner potential.

Peeling massage

6960 min
  • A relaxing body treatment for a smooth and silky skin. Ideal to remove dead cells, and recommended to prepare your skin for further body treatments or for intense and uniform tanning.

Thalasso Therapy

8590 min
  • A unique combination that induces an intense draining effect. This anti-cellulite treatment is based on the properties of marine substances present in the serum, which preserves their rich detoxing and draining effect. The following massage, either manual o mechanical (pressomassage), draws out toxins and has a strong, lasting effect against the appearance of oedema and cellulite.

Les Herboristes Détox by Payot

8990 min
  • This treatment was conceived to rebalance your whole silhouette. It is composed of a gommage destockant, a peel-off mask and a massage with Slim Ultra Performance oli that will stimulate your blood circulation and reduce orange peel skin. Your body will instantly feel light, toned up and rejuvenated. As a final touch, a detox infusion will help further eliminate toxins.

Dead Sea clay

8590 min
  • A full body treatment that draws inspiration from ancient beauty rituals. This wrap is recommended for weight loss and against cellulite. It stimulates cell bio-renewal and is ideal for dull, dehydrated and tired-looking skin. Its sera and essential oils, massaged into your body by slow and expert hands, will immerse you in a pure energizing moment.

Toning treatment

11590 min
  • Diathermy, electroporation, endomassage. You can choose one of these three techniques, or use them in combination after a careful customized evaluation. They are the top of non-invasive technologies to treat lack of tone, cellulite and local fat, and ensure visible and lasting results.

Regenerating and Hydrating Massage

7570 min
  • A massage that feels like a long embrace. The white clay, rich in kaolin and marine extracts to quench your skin, is applied over your whole body. Your skin is deeply nourished. As it is then sprayed with atomized seawater, the clay is transformed into an oil that is massaged into your body until it is completely absorbed, and that will soothe even the most delicate and irritated skin.

Regenerating back treatment

6960 min
  • An intensive treatment for your back, ideal both for men and women. Our cleansing, detoxing, exfoliating and regenerating masks will provide deep hydration. A full head, neck and back massage will take away your tension and make you feel immediately energized.
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