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A selection of body treatments, first of all restorative for tired and fatigued limbs, is at the center of the proposal studied with my collaborators for Tip to Toe.

Sinuous and tonic lines are obtained and maintained with tenacity, constancy and self-confidence and in between hormonal exchanges, sedentary lifestyle, Christmas with the family, pregnancies, sorrows, stress, periods of intense work, narrow holidays, lunches in front at the PC. The hour of Yoga a week is a moment that we wait for from the minute after it ends and that liter and a half a day of water that we force ourselves to drink seems to never end… yet we never give up.

It is because we know the sacrifices of all women who want to feel good about themselves that we believe that every treatment must be not only effective but first of all pleasant, exciting, rebalancing for the mind and body. We try to create that serene and totally relaxing environment that allows you to want to come back because this is the only way to get results.

Serena – Tip to Toe

Body treatments

Head-neck-back massage

4530 minutes

Cupping back massage

5445 minutes

Regenerating back treatment

7455 minutes

Total Body treatments

Lymph drainage

5955 minutes

Anti-stress massage

5955 minutes

Holistic massage

5955 minutes

Massage with self-tanner

6555 minutes

Draining anti-cellulite cupping massage

7460 minutes

Revitalizing massage

7460 minutes

Regenerating and hydrating massage

7970 minutes

Body-face massage

8580 minutes

Total Body treatments

Body scrub with brushing

7460 minutes

Peeling massage

7470 minutes

Body scrub with specific massage

10580 minutes

Anti-cellulite specific treatments

Hot / cold bandage treatment

7470 minutes

Trattamento con staminali marine total body

8570 minutes

Dead Sea clay

8580 minuti

Body radiofrequency treatment

9590 minuti

SPA treatments

SPA Hammam treatment

140120 minutes

SPA Gommage Luxury treatment

140120 minutes

Regenerating/moisturizing SPA treatment

140120 minutes

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