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The skin is an organ and as such it breathes. When blemishes appear on the face, the skin is trying to warn us that something is wrong.

When the microcosm of the skin is disturbed by internal or external oxidative factors, we must be ready to remedy the situation of that moment with more specific and personalized care.

With my collaborators I have created an exclusive method that brings excellent results.

Each skin has its own times but with the constancy and attention to the advice I will give you in the treatment room you will not only reach the normalization of the texture but you will learn to be more autonomous in understanding the changes … yes, you will learn to know your skin almost like yourself.

Serena – Tip to Toe

Puryfing treatments

Deep cleansing facial treatment

from 74 to 7960 - 70 minutes


from 74 to 7970 minutes

Magnetic mask facial treatment

8975 minutes


8970 minutes

Rebalancing treatments

Illuminating facial treatment

7970 minutes

Deep hydration facial treatment

7970 minutes


8970 minutes

Uniforming face treatment

8975 minutes

VitaminaFace treatment

8975 minutes

Intensive multi-peel treatment

8975 minutes

Micro Dermopeeling treatment

9490 minutes

Pro-age treatments

Eye contour and face massage treatment

6960 minutes

Trattamento Soin Hydratation

10470 minutes

Marine stem facial treatment

10470 minutes

Pro-are luxury

10490 minutes

Biostimulation facial treatment

150100 minutes

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